About Your Home

Your home is a complex arrangement of simple components and pieces, joined together into more complex systems and structures to provide a safe and comfortable habitat for you and your family. At least that's the way it should be. This is what we home inspectors call “the model” against which the condition of the home is compared.

The Ravages of Time

Over time, structures deteriorate and systems fail and need to be repaired or replaced. No home is the same today as it was yesterday. Everything changes with time.

A real estate inspection is a “snapshot” (literally) of the home's condition the day of the inspection. This snapshot requires a thorough investigation of the site: driveways and walkways; contiguous retaining walls and fences; the foundation system (crawlspace, basement, or slab); the exterior; doors and windows; the roof system including the attic; interior walls, ceilings and floors; the plumbing system; the electrical system; heating and air conditioning; ventilation and insulation; appliances; and more.

Whether you are a buyer, renter, or home owner, a comprehensive real estate inspection by a competent home inspector can reveal issues that were previously undiscovered, giving you the chance to fix minor issues before they become major, expensive problems. If you are a seller, a Pre-Listing Inspection will reveal defects and deficiencies that could affect your home's selling price.

Just as it is prudent to take your car to the mechanic to have it periodically serviced and inspected, it is wise to have the home periodically inspected for any issues that require attention. Preventive maintenance is always less expensive (and more convenient) than unscheduled emergency repairs. The relatively small cost of a Home Maintenance Inspection can sometimes save thousands in major home repairs.

Just as important is knowing what regular maintenance is needed to keep your home in good condition. Just as a car requires regular oil changes, a home requires regular roof and gutter cleaning, trimming back vegetation away from the siding and tree branches from roofs, regular furnace filter replacement, and more. We are a big advocate of knowing how your home works and what's needed to keep it working well. An informed home owner is an empowered home owner.

Examples of Home Construction & Repair Blunders

And now—for your visual education and entertainment—we proudly present the infamous “Have You Seen Me?” gallery. It showcases noteworthy blunders and head-scratchers perpetrated by home owners and (alleged) professionals. If you find anything like these in your home, do not become alarmed or call 911.

Instead, call the appropriate, reputable, licensed contractor for service and correction. Or call us. We'll be happy to investigate and make appropriate recommendations.

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